Why Choose DCS Communications?


5 Great Reasons to choose DCS

Choose DCS Communications if you want Qualified and Experienced Data Cabling Engineers   Qualified & Experienced Staff

Choose DCS Communications for Competitive Pricing on your data cabling services   Competitive Pricing

Choose DCS Communications for a complete Design to Installation service   Design to Installation Service

Choose DCS Communications if you want a data cabling company that uses industry leading equipment   Industry Leading Equipment Used

Choose DCS Communications if you want a data cabling company that is trustworthy and reliable   Trustworthy & Reliable


Looking for Ethernet Cabling Installers?

With over 20 years of experience in cat5e, CAT6, CAT7 and Fibre Optic cabling we are fast becoming one of the leading companies for data cabling installation in the Northwest. Whether you need cat5e cabling for a school in Cheshire or require a fibre optic cabling installer in Shropshire you will always find a solution with DCS Communications.




Why Choose DCS Communications for Your Network Project?


tick-green-1Qualified & Experienced Staff

All our staff are suitably qualified for the tasks they are required to perform so you can be safe in the knowledge that things are starting off in the right direction.


tick-green-2Competitve Pricing

Pricing responsibly enables us to continue to grow and support our staff with suitable training and the latest technology to ensure you get a great job, but don't worry - we're great on price... try us!


tick-green-3Design to Installation service

That's right...we do it all.  After a consultation of your requirements we will design your system for you, supply the goods and then install and test the finished network...Easy!


tick-green-4Industry Leading Equipment Used

You are important to us, so we like to make sure that we can perform a thorough but time effective service so we use some of the latest equipment to ensure your network installation proceeds without a hitch.


tick-green-5Trustworthy & Reliable

When we say we will be there...we'll be there.  We're Reliable.

All our staff understand the need for security and privacy.  We're Trustworthy.